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Taste Fruity, sweet
Smell Vanilla
Effects euphoric - hungry - relaxed
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Wedding Cake

Taste Fruity, sweet
Smell Vanilla
Effects euphoric - hungry - relaxed

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The Wedding Cake strain is a beautiful union of potency and flavor. Apart from its delicious vanilla aftertaste, it provides uplifting and relaxing effects. Medicinal consumers say this strain helps to alleviate pain and offers short-term relief from depression.

Wedding Cake weed is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid with a 60:40 indica to sativa ratio. However, who consume Wedding Cake weed in moderation should enjoy this strain’s euphoric high.

Most users describe Wedding Cake’s effects as uplifting and relaxing, making it an excellent after-dinner strain.

With a name like the Wedding Cake strain, you’d expect it to have a sweet flavor and aroma, and it doesn’t disappoint. The sweetness hits you right away when you first smell its delicious vanilla scent. Wedding Cake also contains subtle hints of earth and pepper, which complement its sweeter notes nicely.

The sweeter, vanilla notes are most prominent on the exhale and leave a lingering, pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

Cannabis consumers use Wedding Cake to manage anxiety and depression due to its relaxing and uplifting effects.

Wedding Cake is a popular medicinal marijuana strain and is often used for musculoskeletal pain such as arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia.


THC : 25 – 27 %

CBD : 0,01 %

You know the wedding cakes, of that characteristic white and romantic color (reminiscent of purity) and that intoxicating scent of sweet vanilla? Here, if we were to make a comparison with one of our products, we would certainly do it with the variety called Wedding Cake!

The Wedding Cake variety is a beautiful blend of power and flavor. The main feature of this product is its delicious vanilla aftertaste, very sweet and relaxing: just like any self-respecting dessert, this variety of flower is particularly suitable for a relaxing and at the same uplifting after dinner. A nice way to end an evening!

Let’s see what are the most interesting characteristics of this hybrid variety, which helps to relieve physical pain in a short time, but also psychological pain, thanks to its relaxing effects.

Order and buy online Wedding Cake cannabis flower from our shop in Thailand and Phuket at the best price: medical benefits

You can purchase our best variety of Wedding Cake at our online store, which serves Thailand and Phuket in particular.

Among the advantages of choosing our shop there is first of all the fact of being sure to choose a product that has an excellent value for money: all our products are carefully selected and guarantee the utmost attention from a qualitative point of view, to offer a highly uplifting and relaxing experience.

Furthermore, we are equipped with a highly specialized and qualified medical team, which within our clinic works to select the products according to need and necessity: we always start from the assumption that each variety has its own reason and can be used to provide support and support for numerous pathologies, both to the nervous system and to the physical one.

Our Wedding Cake is a hybrid variety, as we will see predominantly Indica (albeit light), which must be consumed in moderation to get the maximum of aspirations: euphoria and joy, but also relaxation and well-being are some of the immediate effects that you can obtain with a variety like this, which also receives the advantage of being a product with a sweet aroma and flavor and reminiscent of a delicious vanilla scent typical of wedding cakes. But there is more: because the sweet note of vanilla is enhanced and completed by subtle hints of earth and pepper.

With this product, it is possible to manage anxiety and depression in an optimal way. In addition, it is a popular variety of medicinal marijuana, also indicated for the alternative treatment of arthritis, sciatica and fibromyalgia.

Legal Weedding Cake weed strain: wins, accolades and awards

It is worth remembering that this variety is popular and known as legal marijuana for medical use: its recognition and authorization for use for the treatment of numerous diseases make it one of the best varieties on the market.

THC and CBD quantity

The amount of cannabidiol present is medium. This feature makes it an excellent variety not to overdo it: if consumed in a moderate way, in fact, it is also suitable for less tolerant or in any case less experienced people.

• THC: 25 – 27%;

• CBD: 0.01%.


From a genetic point of view, it is worth remembering that she is a hybrid strain, which nevertheless has a slight Indica predominance.

In fact, if we want to talk about percentages, we will remember that it has 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.


It is worth remembering that this is a variety that boasts different characteristics, depending on whether the cultivation is outdoors or indoors, with differences that obviously refer to both the cultivation capacity and the yield of the plant.

As mentioned, it can be grown both in the Indoor version and in the open one (Outdoor): however, in this second case there may be greater difficulties for those who do not have a great experience as a grower.

Speaking of yield, in indoor cultivation it ends in about 9 weeks, and can reach around 500-600g / m².

The yield is however high.


It is a feminized seed.

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