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Taste Citrus with woody
Effects energetic - euphoric - focused
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THC Bomb

Taste Citrus with woody
Effects energetic - euphoric - focused

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THC Bomb is a potent hybrid marijuana original signature strain, has created rave reviews around the world. This unique mixture of giant, rock-hard buds with explosive THC levels make it one for commercial growers and connoisseurs alike.


THC Bomb produces energizing and happy effects. THC Bomb tastes like citrus with woody undertones. Growers say this strain comes in large buds that have a covering of bright orange hairs.


THC Bomb has a range of benefits, as we have mentioned, and you can use it both recreationally and medicinally. If you struggle to stay motivated on any given task, THC Bomb can be just the thing you need to gain the necessary headspace and concentration. Equally, it is helpful for more active pursuits, whether you want to go walking, jogging, or engage in other forms of exercise. The burst of energy and euphoria this bud gives is next level!


Individuals with ADD might find that this strain helps them remain focused. Others have reported increased relaxation, which helps them with anxiety, stress, and PTSD. THC Bomb can even assist with sleeping problems if taken in the right amount, as it can bring on a chilled-out sedative effect.


THC : 24 – 26%

CBD : 1 %



This original hybrid variety of marijuana is very interesting not only in terms of aromas and flavors, but above all for its beneficial effects, which have made it one of the best varieties and one of the most popular in the world. It is a unique blend, mostly Indica, with giant, thick buds and truly exceptional THC levels: both true connoisseurs as well as experienced growers and those less experienced in the field can appreciate this product for its ease of cultivation and for his surrender.

Let’s see what are the characteristics of THC Bomb, and what are the effects that lead us to prefer it to other marijuana varieties.

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It is now quite known that marijuana has beneficial effects, from a medical point of view: in fact, many varieties are also used for the treatment of numerous diseases, both affecting the nervous system and for the physical and muscular system. Depending on the amount of THC and CBD present within the seed, it is possible to obtain different effects, which benefit the muscles and the body, or the mind and psyche.

If you want to get interesting therapeutic effects, this is the solution for you: THC Bomb is in fact responsible for energizing and happy effects, which translate into greater motivation (for example, it is useful if you struggle to achieve the right motivation in a certain task), or if you need more concentration. If you need to have the strength and determination to perform physical activities or forms of exercise (such as jogging, walking or running), THC Bomb provides you with the right energy to get the most out of it.

In addition to the energizing and euphoric effects of this product (whose aroma is reminiscent of citrus fruits with a woody and earthy aftertaste) it is good to remember that the medical effects of this variety are very interesting. You can use this product if you have difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, or anxiety, stress and depression.

Legal THC Bomb weed strain: victories, honors and awards

There is no particular information about victories or awards, but it is still a product that allows you to reach the maximum from the point of view of benefits and which has been widely recognized for this.

THC and CBD quantity

The amount of THC and CBD explains why this strain has, at the same time, a relaxing and energizing effect, sedative but also euphoric: you can get excellent effects both if you have difficulty concentrating, and if you want to relax and sleep.

• THC: 24 – 26%;

• CBD: 1%.


The genetics are Indica-dominant, with 60% beating the Sativa percentage, which instead stops at 40%.


If you are looking for a variety that is not particularly difficult to grow (therefore, also suitable for novice growers), this is undoubtedly the most suitable solution for you. In fact, it is very interesting to remember that this variety can be planted both indoors and outdoors, flowering without any problem both indoors and in the open. What changes is above all the yield (together with size and height). In fact, it is good to know that it does not exceed 90 cm in height (which is greater in outdoor crops) and that this makes it perfect for growing in confined spaces or in any case in conditions of greater clandestinity: if you want to obtain excellent yields, it is recommended. the choice of Outdoor cultivation (in this we speak of over 1 kg, while the yield reaches 550g / m² in Indoor cultivation).

This plant does not require special care and is also quite hardy.


She is an autoflowering strain that is very easy to grow, even for less experienced growers.