Thai Kratom

Thailand is known for its kratom, as all three kratom strains (green, red, and white) grow in Thailand and offer a rich array of fantastic benefits. Thai Kratom is widely regarded as the most popular strain among Kratoms that originate from others countries. These types of strains are unique because their properties provide more potent effects compared to other strains.

Green Lab Corporation

offers ethically-sourced, incredibly high-quality Thai Kratom for sale in both capsule, powder form, fresh and dried leaves. We sourcing our products from ethical farms, we’re able to deliver you safe, effective and reliable. Ours trusted farmers practice sustainable agricultural practices to ensure that each strain we receive is of the highest standard Kratom in Thailand.

The Different Types of Thai Kratom

Green Lab quality is key when it comes to Kratom. As such, we ensure that our Kratom is carefully cultivated, harvested, dried, and processed as per international regulations. Our Kratom powder is closely and finely grounded to the consistency of powdered floor to ensure that it’s easily dissolved and quickly absorbed into your system.

To ensure that our Thai Kratom is pure and of higher quality, we ensure that each batch we receive from our farmers is thoroughly tested as per the international regulations. Each screened is tested 6 plus times for heavy metals, microbes, and alkaloid concentrations. Packaging is also done in a climate-controlled room to ensure that microbes – airborne or otherwise, do not find their way into the powder.

Red Kratom

is known for its more sedative effects.

White Kratom

is more known for its energizing and mood elevating effects, making it the perfect kratom for social settings.

Green Kratom

providing the social benefits of white kratom with the pain alleviating and relaxing qualities of red kratom.

Top Quality

At the earliest maturity, the veins are white while in the middle stages the veins are green.

The leaf veins then turn red at peak maturity. The white-veined leaves are harvested and dried to give us the White Thai Kratom while the green-veined ones give Green Thai Kratom.

The red-veined leaves on the other hand are used to make Red Thai Kratom. Kratom tree grows naturally in these regions. However, local farmers in these regions also cultivate Thai Kratom for commercial purposes in open farms where sunlight and nutrient-rich soils are plentiful.

As an tropical tree, the Thai Kratom tree stands tall and can reach up to a height of 80 ft. What’s more, its leaves persist throughout the year, although matured ones will shed off to pave way for new ones. It’s however important to note that patience is one key factor when producing quality Kratom.

As such, the period of harvesting is critical and careful observation of the color of the leaf veins helps predict the appropriate time of harvest depending on the particular strain being produced. This is because Kratom leaves undergo significant changes throughout their lifecycle that are responsible for alkaloid balance shifts at the chemical level.

Drying and Processing of Thai Kratom

Thai Kratom leaves are have been picked and collected from the farms, the best leaves are selected and then thoroughly cleaned with running water to ensure that no debris, dirt, or dust is left on the surface. This is a crucial phase as it would be difficult to pinpoint any traces of contamination after the leaves have been ground.

Cleaning is then followed by drying. At this point, the leaves are hung on huge racks and then dried indoors in an air-conditioned room to prevent even the slightest speck of light from falling on them. After a few days, the leaves are moved outside to complete the drying process under direct sunlight. This process has a significant effect on the leaves’ alkaloid concentration – and as a result the potency.

Once the drying process is complete, the leaves are now officially ready to be transformed into quality Kratom Thai powder. While Kratom leaves were traditionally ground using a pestle and mortar, present-day Kratom farmers have adopted new technologies to streamline the grinding process. Today, Kratom grinding is being done using industrial grade grinders that are capable of processing large volumes of Kratom leaf simultaneously.

Throughout the years, Thai Kratom has been used by indigenous ​communities in Thailand, Indonesia, and other Southeast Asia regions for various uses within the Asian culture. Today, people all around the world have started appreciating its various uses which have seen it become one of the most coveted herbal supplements.

Thai Kratom Dosage

Kratom dosage depends on many different factors, and each individual is different.
But a general guide for Thai Kratom dosage and its associated effects is


Focus & Concentration: 1-2 grams


Moderate Discomfort Alleviation & Moderate Focus : 3-4 grams


Relaxation & Pain Alleviation: 4-6 grams