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Taste Citrus
Smell Lemongrass
Effects focused - relaxed - sleepy
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Suver Haze

Taste Citrus
Smell Lemongrass
Effects focused - relaxed - sleepy

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Suver Haze hemp flowers are a CBD-rich strain that shares its lineage with the Early Resin Berry and Suver #8 strain. The buds from the Suver Haze appear as a dark pine green color covered in a vibrant array of blood-orange pistils.

However, breaking up her sticky cured hemp flowers will unveil a remarkable lemongrass aroma that’s got a twist of peppery, citrus, and fresh pine notes.

The Suver Haze CBD flowers will contain CBD levels ranging between 18% to 20%. The most dominant terpenes found in this strain include caryophyllene, farnesene, and myrcene. The terpenes and cannabinoids synergize, creating a wave of relaxation that will take away any stress, tension, or anxiety you may hold. At the same time, it may even give you a little mood boost to brighten your day.


THC : 1 %

CBD : 18 – 20 %

TYPE : 20 % Indica – 80% Sativa



The scent of Suver Haze is intense, and recalls that of a pleasant lemon, fresh and pulpy. The main feature of Suver Haze hemp flowers is that it is a variety that is particularly rich in CBD, reminiscent of the Early Resin Berry and the Suver # 8 variety. Although at the first touch this variety recalls the pleasant and intense smell of lemon, the aftertaste of the sticky hemp flowers is that of pleasant peppery and citrus notes, which are slightly reminiscent of the intensity of pine.

The dominant terpenes contribute to making this product interesting from an organoleptic point of view, but also as regards its effects: in fact, in this strain there are caryophyllene, farnesene and myrcene, which together with cannabinoids make the effects understood and give a pleasant and fresh wave of relaxation, which can eliminate stress, anxiety and tension very quickly.

Let’s see what are the dominant effects of this variety also from a medical point of view, what are the preferred types of cultivation, and how its genetics are outlined.

Order and buy online Suver Haze cannabis flower from our shop in Thailand and Phuket at the best price: medical benefits

In our online shop, for Thailand and Phuket, you can order and buy our best legal cannabis for medical and therapeutic use: in particular, Suver Haze is a solid strain of hemp flowers that provides high levels of CBD, and which has an earthy aroma that sets it apart from many other medical and therapeutic cannabis seeds.

It is one of the traditional strains from Oregon CBD Seeds. As a predominantly Sativa product (we are in fact facing a percentage of 80%), this flower immediately makes you feel full of energy, euphoric, creative, and this uplifting makes it especially suitable for daytime use. It can be used both during the day to gain strength and self-confidence (in fact, the majority of Sativa genetics make it a product especially suitable for daytime use), and during the evening, to obtain greater relaxation and to release the typical Indica effects. One of the advantages of this variety is that it does not make you feel high and does not take away your clarity, but it guarantees an uplifting experience in every sense.

Legal Suver Haze weed strain: wins, accolades and awards

Created by Oregon CBD Seeds, Suver Haze hemp flower took 1st place in both Cultivation Classic 2020 and 2019 in the WeedCon Buyer’s Cup.

THC and CBD quantity

Here are the concentrations of cannabinoids within this variety:

  • THC: 1%;
  • CBD: 18 – 20%.


The type is 20% Indica and 80% Sativa. This means that the variety is hybrid, even if it is not perfectly balanced because the aspects of the two genetic profiles do not integrate in a balanced way, but are more in favor of the Sativa profile: this is evident both in the way the plant presents itself, both in its effects. In any case, since it is not a 100% Sativa strain, there is a spectrum of beneficial actions even for those who need physical effects of relaxation and bliss: in fact, you can choose this variety even if you need to relax, although it is not of the all suitable to guarantee a deep sedation.


The greater percentage of the Sativa genetic profile is very visible in the way it presents itself: the buds are dark green, covered with a lively range of pistils that resemble the orange of blood oranges.

This plant can be grown in all environments, although, being a mainly Sativa variety, it will have more of the typical characteristics of this type and prefers, in some respects, an Outdoor type setting.


Suver Haze feminized seeds are of excellent quality, and can also be grown by inexperienced growers (following some important tips).