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Taste Sour
Smell Aroma of pungent diesel
Effects creative - energetic
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Super Sour Diesel

Taste Sour
Smell Aroma of pungent diesel
Effects creative - energetic

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Super Sour Diesel, also known as “Super Sour” and “Super Diesel” is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Super Silver Haze with Sour Diesel.

This strain provides effects that knock out stress and pain while fostering creativity and euphoria. Super Sour Diesel is energizing, which makes it great for daytime use or socializing.

This strain is very potent, which means it should be reserved for those with a high THC tolerance, as Super Sour Diesel is known to produce strong cerebral effects.

Super Sour Diesel will leave you feeling relaxed and creative, with tendencies towards slight anxiety if too much is smoked at once. Due to these potent effects, Super Sour Diesel is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, and fatigue.

Super Sour Diesel has an aroma of pungent diesel with an earthy hint and a taste of diesel with a sour chemical aftertaste upon exhale. The Super Sour Diesel buds have long, pepper-shaped neon green nugs with minty green patches and leaves. These nugs are spattered with sparse fiery orange hairs and are caked in a thick layer of crystal white trichomes and resin.



THC : 22 – 24 %

CBD : 0 %

TYPE : Sativa 100%


If you are looking for an interesting product, which provides very positive effects as it helps to eliminate stress and pain and promotes creativity, energy and euphoria, this is definitely the product for you. It is called Super Sour Diesel, and is also known as Super Sour or Super Diesel: it’s a very special marijuana strain, which was created by crossing Super Silver Haze with Sour Diesel.

As we will see, it’s a very potent product, not only thanks to its high concentration of THC, but also due to the fact that it is an entirely Sativa type: in fact, the variety gives a stimulating and energizing effect, and for this reason it is suitable for daytime use, to stimulate creativity and energy, but also to increase socialization. Furthermore, Super Sour Diesel should be reserved for those with a high tolerance to THC, and for those who already have some resistance: the cerebral effects that it gives are really very strong.

Super Sour Diesel has a pungent diesel aroma with an earthy and slightly acidic but very strong aftertaste.

But let’s see what are the specific characteristics of this variety and what are the medical benefits that it could have.

Order and buy online Super Sour Diesel cannabis flower from our shop in Thailand and Phuket at the best price: medical benefits

If you suffer from stress, chronic depression, anxiety and fear, this could be the right strain for you, able to help you fight these negative feelings and regain the confidence in yourself and the right energy to better face the day. At our online store you can order and buy Super Sour Diesel safely and legally, for medical and therapeutic use, at the best price: in fact, our online shop that deals with providing Thailand and Phuket guarantees the utmost seriousness and accuracy. in the selection of the best products for therapeutic use.

With Super Sour Diesel you will immediately feel relaxed, but also very energetic and with a great desire to do: the powerful effects of this product make it particularly suitable for those suffering from particular conditions, such as stress, fatigue and chronic pain, but also fatigue and anxiety. Medically, this variety can also be used in the treatment of headaches.

Legal Super Sour Diesel weed strain: victories, awards and prizes

We have no particular references to wins or awards for this product, but Super Sour Diesel is truly a captivating and potent strain.

THC and CBD quantity

THC levels are quite high, which justifies the presence of very interesting effects. In particular:

• THC: 22 – 24%;

• CBD: 0%.


The strain is entirely Sativa. This means that there are particular characteristics both in terms of the appearance of the plant (and its cultivation), and in terms of effects and use, which is preferably diurnal. The beneficial effects of this plant stand out above all in terms of alertness, energy, creativity and sociability.


The strain is easy to grow and delivers great yields for both experienced growers and beginners alike. The buds of Super Sour Diesel are long, darker green in color and sprinkled with orange hair: the outward characteristic of the presence of a predominant Sativa genetics is very strong and immediately appears in its outward appearance, as well as in its characteristic effects. In fact, compared to indica-dominant plants, this type has longer, narrower and dark green leaves.

If you are looking for information on how to grow this Sativa variety, you should know that it is not a difficult plant to grow, but it has a longer flowering time than the Indica variety: with its airy buds, the plant is less bushy and more airy, but also higher. The performance is high, both in terms of outdoor yield and indoor yield; in any case, the collection period is in October.


It ‘s a world famous strain with feminized seeds.