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Taste Great flavor
Smell Aromas
Effects hungry - relaxed - sleepy
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Purple Master Kush

Taste Great flavor
Smell Aromas
Effects hungry - relaxed - sleepy

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Purple Master Kush is a rare Indica-dominant cannabis strain made by crossing legendary hybrid strains Master Kush and Purple Kush.

This heavy-handed powerhouse tests in with an average percentage of around 23-25% THC making it perfect for managing stress, depression, and chronic pain.

While the cross between Master Kush and Purple Kush is nothing new, the Purple Master phenotype tends to display more of the heavy indica effects of Master Kush and the bright berry aroma and dense appearance of Purple Kush.

Purple Master has a gorgeous appearance and is one of the top strains that come to mind when you think of really high-quality flower. The buds are dense, football-shaped nuggets that display beautiful shades of bright-to-medium green. The curly pistils are a sandy orange to a golden amber color, though they’re often overshadowed by the thick blanket of silvery THC-rich trichomes that give the flowers a very rich, sticky look.

Purple Master provides a lot of different effects since both Master Kush and Purple Kush have long lineages full of different strains, phenotypes and effects. As an indica-dominant hybrid, the effects are mostly in the body though you will often note a slightly uplifting and energizing mental effect that is more typical of sativa strains. An uplifted mental state paired with deep physical relaxation is a perfect combination for all-day symptom management and an elevated state of mind. Between these effects and the high concentrations of THC in the strain, Purple Master is the perfect choice for treating chronic pain and nausea, improving sleep and appetite, and kicking stress to the curb.

All in all, Purple Master is a beautifully balanced strain with a large variety of effects, great flavors, and mouth-watering aromas.


THC : 23 – 25 %

CBD : 0,5 – 1 %

TYPE : 70% Indica – 30% Sativa

Purple Master Kush is a rare indica-dominant cannabis strain that has been obtained by crossing legendary and very famous strains (also hybrids) such as Master Kush and Purple Kush.

It is a fairly balanced product, which has very appetizing effects and aromas, reminiscent of the aroma of berries, with slightly more powerful effects than those of its parents: it was in fact named “powerful powerhouse” in as it guarantees an excellent solution against stress, depression and chronic pain also thanks to its THC levels, which are quite high.

Let’s see what its main characteristics are and what are the reasons for preferring this variety to many other products.

Order and buy online Purple Master Kush cannabis flower from our shop in Thailand and Phuket at the best price: medical benefits

At our online store you can find many interesting products, which guarantee amazing effects both on the body and on the mind: within our shop in Thailand and Phuket you can choose useful varieties of cannabis for legal therapeutic use, also because we boast qualified teams that select each of our products in a truly accurate way.

The use of cannabis for medical and therapeutic use is recognized: the effects are often powerful, and can help to heal or in any case to counteract symptoms that affect physiological processes (such as inflammatory diseases, diseases, or neurological problems) as well as psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression.

Specifically, you can try Purple Master Kush if you are looking for a product that helps you to counteract fatigue and stress, depression and pain: since this variety is mostly Indica, it acts mainly in the body, although it is still possible to notice a slight uplifting and energizing effect that is more typical of sativa strains. Purple Master Kush is also an ideal choice if you are looking to treat chronic pain, nausea, loss of appetite and sleep, and if you want to eliminate stress.

Legal Purple Master Kush weed strain: wins, awards and awards

There is no particular information regarding any awards or awards on this product, but it is worth trying because its effects are truly mind-blowing.

THC and CBD quantity

The concentrations of THC and CBD are high enough to justify a very interesting effect on the body and mind. Specifically, the levels are:

  • THC: 23 – 25%;
  • CBD: 0.5 – 1%.


The genetics of this product are in favor of a higher Indica percentage, which is around 70%, while the Sativa percentage is around 30%. This Indica predominance is noticeable both in terms of the external appearance of the plant (therefore, regarding how the leaves are, which compared to the Sativa ones are more compact, shorter and lighter in color), and in terms of the effects on body and mind. In fact, the benefits of this product are more sedative and narcotic and also tend to relax the body; on the other hand, products with a higher Sativa concentration are more cerebral and guarantee a more energetic effect (in fact, they are more suitable for daytime use).


The outward appearance of this product suggests that it is an Indica-dominant variety: the leaves are shorter and less elongated, but at the same time they are also more compact, with dense, soccer ball-shaped buds with beautiful shades of light green and bright. As for the cultivation, it should be remembered that it is a resistant and robust plant, and its strength is mainly due to the Indica genetics, of which it has the majority. In Indoor cultivation, variety can adapt to all types of environments and can be grown in soil or in hydroponics; in outdoor cultivation, it is better to prefer a warm and sunny climate. It is worth underlining that the differences mainly concern heights and yield (they are greater, although in any case rewarding, in the type of open-air cultivation).


Purple Master Kush is a feminized seed that can be grown quite easily even by occasional and inexperienced growers, as it is a very resistant strain.

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