Green Lab Corporation Co., Ltd an early mover in Thailand Cannabis market, is a multi-faceted cannabis company
with a strong investment in brand, market and product differentiation.

Through owned and partnered cannabis production platforms, as well as education to help customers safely, effectively and responsibly use cannabis, Green Lab has created a local business with the potential to generate a significant and sustained return on shareholder capital over the long-term.

The Thai government seems all set to realize the economic potential of the cannabis. According to one estimate, Asia’s medical cannabis market is going to swell to US $5.8 billion by 2024.
After legalizing cannabis for medical use, Thailand has soon the chance to win quality guests in the land of smile by focusing on medical cannabis tourism as one of the unique selling points for holiday locations like Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin, and more. This could be a highly attractive foreign and local investment opportunity to combine the best of Thailand’s tourism with a well-considered investment in one of Thailand’s most promising money-making industries.

Foreign joint venture investment opportunities in Thailand’s future cash crop
Foreign quota: For the foreign investor, his limitations and restrictions regarding Thai cannabis ventures are essential parameters. A cardinal issue is the maximum foreign participation which might be limited at 33%.

JV Structuring: With respect to the investment structure and strategy, highly dynamic legislation has to be considered as well as the economic interests of the Thai interest groups. Joint venture and research contracts with Thai universities, the allocation of duties and obligations, responsibilities, and profit allocation need valid agreement. Cannabis (joint) ventures are not the territory of hand-shakes and promises but of legally binding agreements and full compliance with corporate, investment, and foreigner legislation.



Our mission is an expression of what we value, and what we’re building towards.
We are channeling the power of this extraordinary plant – to build an organization made with intention and defined by purpose, serving as a new model for a transformational industry.


Our work starts with understanding our consumer better than anyone else.
We leverage best-in-class insights to guide our innovations, creating authentic brands and high-quality products that are loved for their deep connection to human desires and needs.


Our vision comes to life through our objectives: harnessing the power of the plant, building a best Consumer packaged goods, and fostering a purpose-driven atmosphere. These objectives push us to take on big challenges, to live our ideals, and to fight for the meaningful changes we know are possible.

With an approach grounded in our responsibility – to use cannabis to build a better world, to inspire our team members,
and to advance social justice – we are focused on achieving our ambitious goals.

Our Farm
Our cannabis farm produces (cultivates) legally. by Petch Herb Chumphon Community Enterprise Make a contract with Tha Chang Hospital Surat Thani Province In the production (cultivation) of cannabis strain Tanaosri Sativa in organic plantings To obtain quality cannabis species suitable for medicinal purposes and various health products
By the production process (planting) that is organic, free from chemicals, pesticides or other toxic substances. Make our cannabis quality in every part, whether it's the flowers, inflorescences that are used to make medicine, including the leaves, branches, roots and stems that have been unlocked from the 5th class of drugs that we bring. Sold as a raw material for cooking. Drinks for people who are interested in cooking in their households or shops/restaurants. to cook beverages for sale Therefore, the quality is not different. Growing organic cannabis does not pollute the production process. because in addition to focusing on people to eat and have good health Another important purpose is to reduce pollution to nature. because of the use of various chemicals will cause toxic residues in the soil in the air and in the water

This is what Green Lab focuses on, towards consumers, on the environment. and to the general public
The cannabis strain that Green Lab uses to make coarsely ground dried cannabis leaves is Sativa strain (Cannabis sativa L.).
Most come from the equator. (Colombia, Mexico and Southeast Asia) has tall, thin stems, narrow leaves and light green color. It grows faster compared to the Indica species. and grows up to 20 feet tall in one season. It takes about 10 to 16 weeks to mature. The flavors range from earthy to sweet fruity flavors. The advantages of the sativa breed is to feel good Helps relieve depression, fatigue, appetite stimulation, pain and nausea. The sativa cultivar is still very popular today.
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