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Taste Sweet but light aroma
Smell Tropical fruits
Effects creative - euphoric - focused
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Taste Sweet but light aroma
Smell Tropical fruits
Effects creative - euphoric - focused

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Hawaii or Hawaiian is a sativa marijuana strain known to provide happy and creative thoughts. This hybrid strain of cannabis originating from the island of Hawaii is a fundamental building block to a number of well-known Sativa strains.

This strain features an aroma that will remind you of tropical fruits. Hawaii has large and dense buds with an abundance of orange hairs covering it. Under that layer of orange, the leaves are light green but don’t look very much appealing. It has a sweet but light aroma, with some citrus notes that my not always be evident. The taste is same as the smell – very sweet. Although the taste is not extraordinary, the tropical freshness and citrus-y taste complements the sweetness.

This strain produces light green buds. Medical marijuana patients choose Hawaiian to help relieve symptoms associated with pain, bipolar disorder and muscle spasms. After a particularly long and stressful day, a few hits of Hawaiian can leave you feeling upbeat and revitalized. If you suffer from depression or have anxiety related issues, this strain could be helpful to you.

The light smell and the sweet tropical taste combined with the happy but clear buzz is what makes the Hawaiian such an outstanding strain of cannabis.


THC : 24 – 26 %

CBD : 0 %

TYPE : 10 % Indica – 90 % Sativa

One of the most captivating products as regards the effects it can give to those who use it is Hawaii: with its fruity, slightly sweet and pleasant aroma, it is a variety particularly suitable for those who need a variety with sweetish flavors but at the same light weather.

The name Hawaii Hawaii (or Hawaiian) makes us understand easily what its characteristics are: in fact, as we will see it is a sativa-dominant (but still hybrid) marijuana variety that comes from the islands of Hawaii, and is particularly known for providing happy and creative thoughts (reminiscent of the typical lightness of holidays in the tropics)

Not only that: in fact, this variety recalls the Hawaiian islands not only as regards the effects it is able to offer, but also as regards its aroma, which recalls, in fact, the sweetness and at the same time the citrus lightness. of tropical fruits.

Let’s see what its characteristics are and what are the reasons why it is recommended to prefer this variety to many others.

Order and buy online Hawaii cannabis flower from our shop in Thailand and Phuket at the best price: medical benefits

Let’s start by saying that all of our products (which you can choose, order and buy online in our shop serving Thailand and Phuket in general) are specifically designed to ensure unique effects, especially as regards the medical aspect. In fact, it is legal cannabis that has also been authorized for medical treatment, and which we often also use within our clinic, thanks to the experience of our highly qualified doctors in the sector.

Patients who have chronic pain problems, especially of the muscular type, with cramps and spasms, prefer this product, which however can also be easily used in the treatment of other types of ailments: the effects that this variety dedicated to tropical fruits can give are multiple. In fact, it is very useful, for example, for the treatment of muscle pain, but also for psychological problems: if you suffer from anxiety, depression, or if you have bipolar disorder, or chronic stress problems, this variety could be particularly useful.

In addition, there are also other beneficial aspects to consider: even if you do not have particular medical problems, you can still get excellent opportunities for relaxation to relieve the feelings of heaviness and tiredness due to a particularly stressful day, and to feel more optimistic. and revitalized, able to face problems with creativity and positivity.

Legal Hawaii weed strain: victories, awards and prizes

It is a very useful and recognized product, from a medical point of view, for the treatment of numerous diseases, both affecting the nervous system and with regard to physical and muscular problems. It is therefore particularly popular in the medical field.

THC and CBD quantity

The interesting feature of this variety is the percentage of THC and CBD in it: in fact, it has an average percentage of THC, which makes it very useful especially for treatments that do not concern particularly serious conditions.

More precisely, the percentages are as follows:

• THC: 24 – 26%;

• CBD: 0%.


The predominance of this strain is Sativa.

In fact, there is 10% Indica and 90% Sativa in this hybrid strain, which makes us appreciate all the characteristics of Sativa-type genetics.


It can be grown with an excellent outdoor yield, offering its best in warm and sunny climates. The buds of this plant look large and dense, with an abundance of orange flowers and light green leaves.

The yield is average, both for indoor and outdoor crops, and the best time for harvesting is mid-November.

It is also interesting to point out that this strain is particularly suitable if you are not an experienced grower, because it is very easy to grow and does not require special maintenance.


It is a feminized seed.

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