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Taste Spicy
Smell Sweet
Effects euphoric - relaxed
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Green Lab Kush

Taste Spicy
Smell Sweet
Effects euphoric - relaxed

1 GR

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Green Lab Corporation breeders created another new strain called Green Lab Kush is a cross between a selected Green Kush and a Grape Diamonds.

Green Lab Kush its gorgeous appearance and delicious flavor. This genetic has dense looking buds that are deep green in color and are covered with plenty of orange hair. The flavor is very similar, with a sweet and spicy overtone that’s accented by fresh grapes and sour grapefruit. Its taste is a nice mixture of spicy, herbal, sweet and pine flavors.

Green Lab Kush gives you a sense of sociability accompanies this giddy state, giving you the energy that you need to take on any social situation or conversation with ease. Also, is a good strain for relaxing and helps in treating stress and depression. In addition to that, it can also provide relief from mild pains.

Green Lab Corporation breeding program aims to promote new generation genetics which draw on the rich heritage of cannabis varieties native to Thailand.

THC :   26 %

CBD :  1 %

TYPE : 50 % Indica – 50 % Sativa