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Taste Appetizing aroma
Smell Green teo
Effects euphoric - focused - happy
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Fruit Spirit

Taste Appetizing aroma
Smell Green teo
Effects euphoric - focused - happy

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Fruit Spirit breeders crossed Blueberry with White Widow to get this sativa-dominant bud that’s great for any time of the day.

The Buds are quite beautiful, with a dense cone shape that’s covered in milky resin and trichomes. Intense orange hairs and purple leaves only add to its unique visual appeal, you’ll taste an intense mix of berries and citrus, and while these notes are mirrored in Fruit Spirit’s scent, an herbal note much like green tea also comes into play for an appetizing aroma.

Flavors that mimic fruity tea and a perfect balance of effects give this strain a well-deserved reputation.

Fruit Spirit give creative waves of energy will flow through you before giving way to more indica dominant effects of relaxation and body tingles. As you sink deeper into this relaxation, you’ll delight in how happy you feel while still having your wits about you. Those with mood disorders will rejoice after they try Fruit Spirit, as this strain is best for relieving the tiring effects of depression, stress, and anxiety


THC : 20 – 22 %

CBD : 0 %

TYPE : 40 % Indica – 60 % Sativa




One of the varieties of legal cannabis for therapeutic use that we can include in the category of the most interesting and prestigious is called Fruit Spirit: it is a product that was obtained through the cross between Blueberry and White Widow, with the aim to get a sativa dominant bud, but suitable for any time of day.

The aromas of this product are very delicate and reminiscent of an intense mix of citrus and berries, with a slight aftertaste of green tea: the popularity of this variety is well known, also due to its appetizing scent and its citrus notes.

Let’s see what are the characteristics of this variety, what are its benefits, what is the most suitable type of cultivation and why choose a product like Fruit Spirit.

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The creative and energetic notes that are released from Fruit Spirit are exceptional: the strain is hybrid, with a slight Sativa dominance, and this is particularly felt with regard to the cerebral effects, energy and creativity, but also the desire for do and renewed confidence in their potential. Since there is also a certain percentage of Indica genetic profile, this product is also suitable for those who need relaxation and tingling of the body: if you suffer from mood disorders, this can be the ideal product because it alleviates the effects of this problem , and also helps with depression, stress and anxiety.

Fruit Spirit can be used at all times of the day, to obtain both the advantages of the two genetic profiles of which it’s composed.

Legal Fruit Spirit weed strain: victories, awards and prizes

Even if it has not won any particular prizes or awards, Fruit Spirit is still a very interesting product due to its characteristics and properties. Given its fairly balanced brain and body effects, it can be used for both energy and relaxation.

THC and CBD quantity

The concentrations of THC and CBD are as follows:

• THC: 20 – 22%;

• CBD: 0%.


The Indica and Sativa genetic profiles are both present, in a percentage that all in all we can define as quite balanced. In fact, we are dealing with a 60% of Indica genetics, and a 40% of Sativa genetics: this characteristic is visible both in the external appearance of the plant, which is moderately elongated with not too dense buds, both in the effects that, as we have anticipated, they are particularly balanced on body and mind.


The buds are quite beautiful, and have a characteristic cone shape covered with milky resin and trichomes. From the point of view of possible cultivation difficulties, it is good to remember that this plant develops its full potential if grown outdoors, in warm and sunny climates: in fact, in Outdoor crops it is able to give its best, both for what it concerns the yield that for the heights, which can even reach 220 cm. The variety blooms over a period of 7 – 8 weeks.


The seed of the Fruit Spirit variety is feminized.