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Taste Cherries, grapes
Smell Flora
Effects creative - euphoric - relaxed
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End Game R2

Taste Cherries, grapes
Smell Flora
Effects creative - euphoric - relaxed

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Ethos Genetics presents here End Game, a very productive and resinous cannabis poly-hybrid. This strain, it will delight all lovers of intense aromas.

End Game is an Indica / Sativa genetic blend as balanced as it is complex. The parentals are Indica dominant hybrids. Plants with a compact and ramified structure and a vigorous development. This genetic blend results in a strong plant of enormous quality and large size.

End Game, super resinous and rich in THC, CBD, CBG, CBD and THCV

End Game has a cannabinoid content of over 30%, with CBG of 2%, CBD of 1-3%, CBC of 1% and THCV of 0.3%.

This produces an extremely potent effect both physically and mentally, relaxing body and mind and filling us with long lasting psychedelic bliss.


THC : 22 – 25 %

CBD : 1.3 %

End Game is a poly-hybrid of cannabis, especially suitable for those who want to obtain an intense and very strong aroma: it is a genetic blend that has a resinous appearance and that guarantees excellent production properties, thanks to the fact that the plant is strong. , very large and also of excellent quality.

If you need to get an immediate powerful effect to guarantee yourself a good physical and mental productivity, this is what you definitely need: in fact, as we will see its properties are extremely relaxing, giving the mind an effect of tranquility and of long-lasting serenity.

Order and buy online End Game R2 cannabis flower from our shop in Thailand and Phuket at the best price: medical benefits

If you love strong and intense aromas, End Game R2 is the strain for you. However, when choosing a cannabis flower to buy for forensic use, what must first arouse our attention is above all the effect that this flower is able to guarantee: each of the products that you can find for sale at the our shop can offer specific effects, which are useful for satisfying some specific needs.

At our online store (for Thailand and Phuket) you can find everything you need, taking advantage of two exclusive advantages: the excellent quality of our products, which guarantee legal use from a medical point of view, and safety of a guaranteed product as regards the excellent value for money.

You can buy End Game R2 at our online shop by taking advantage of these important advantages. Specifically, this product is very useful if you are looking for a powerful effect both physically and psychologically: it allows you to relax body and mind and guarantees you a long-lasting effect.

Legal End Game R2 weed strain: wins, awards and prizes

The quality guarantee of our legal cannabis flower for medical use is the result of the experience of our team: we are able to offer guarantee and safety regarding the use of our products, which are often also used within our own clinic, where you will find experience and a specialized and qualified medical team in the treatment of numerous diseases that can be successfully treated thanks to the use of our cannabis flowers for legal use.

Our doctors are highly qualified to offer innovative and specialized therapies for all those patients who need therapeutic help. If you need a powerful relaxing effect that can offer clarity and operability, End Game R2 is definitely the flower for you.

THC and CBD quantity

The amount of THC and CBD present in each of our products determines a predominance of a different effect, depending on the predominance of one or the other cannabinoid: specifically, it is worth remembering that End Game R2 is decisive as regards the amount of THC, CBD, but also of CBG, CBD and THCV.

In fact, the quantities of each element are as follows:

  • THC: 30-32%
  • CBD:1,3%

End Game is a balanced genetic blend, but also very complex: and it is precisely this complexity that guarantees a decisive and very different effect from what can be found with other flowers.


End Game is a balanced and complex genetic blend; the balance is given by the fact that it is a hybrid variety, with indica-dominant hybrid parents. In fact, the plants of this product have a very compact, resistant and vigorous growth structure, with many branches, of great quality and large dimensions.

Specifically, we have a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa plant: this means that its predominance is Indica, with a fast flowering phase and a slightly slower vegetative phase, in which, however, these aspects are made more malleable by the presence of Sativa, which behaves in the opposite way (slow flowering phase and fast vegetative phase).


The types of marijuana cultivation can be different, depending on a series of factors that can be determined both by the needs of the grower, and (more specifically) by the characteristics of the climate and the soil in which the plant is cultivated.

As for the End Game R2 flower, it is suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor cultivation, but the typical Green House method can also be used.


The seeds are feminized, and guarantee rapid growth, with a flowering time of between 60 and 70 days from sowing: the timing is given by the communion of Indica and Sativa varieties, which gives a balance of growth in the various phases.


  • Indica: 70%
  • Sativa: 30%

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