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Taste Coconut
Smell Rainbow
Effects focused - relaxed - social
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Coconut Zkittelz

Taste Coconut
Smell Rainbow
Effects focused - relaxed - social

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Coconut Zkittlez, also known as ” Coconut Skittles,” it’s a perfect balanced Hibryd strain. Coconut Skittles combines the mental and physical effects of both parent strains to yield a smooth, multifaceted high.

The Zkittlez strain won 1st Place at the Emerald Cup and has placed in several Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and Michigan. This strain features chunky colas that explode in a spectrum of light green hues and emit a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavors. The other genetics is Coconut Oil by Taste Budz is a sativa-dominant phenotype of SFV OG that was created from The Cali Connection’s genetic stock. Coconut Oil lands firmly in the body, offering pleasant and relaxing effects without drowsiness. It offers consumers happy, creative euphoria alongside mid-level physical effects that have been known to stimulate arousal.

This strain offers you the opportunity to taste the coconut rainbow but as it turns out Zkittlez lets you see a rainbow too. The plant’s thick and chunky flowers appear in a variety of greens and purples, with vibrant orange pistils sprinkled throughout. The eye-catching purple hues are the result of high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments.

Coconut Zkittlez is great for relieving instances of depression and stress, and depending on your mindset can also help to battle fatigue. The strain’s initially zoned-in mental properties can aid focus for those attention deficit disorders.



THC : 25 – 27 %

CBD : 0 %

TYPE : 50 % Indica – 50 % Sativa

Coconut Zkittlez, also known as “Cocconut Skittles”, is a very interesting hybrid variety, because it is completely balanced and perfectly balanced in its appearance, in its scent and also in its characteristics: in fact, as we will see this variety of marijuana presents in the same quantity an Indica and Sativa genetics, thus offering the user all the opportunities to enjoy both characteristics.

If you are looking for a perfectly balanced strain this is definitely the product for you. Let’s see what its main characteristics are, and why you might want to prefer it to other cannabis strains.

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If you are looking for a product that features the characteristics of Indica and Sativa genetics, this strain is for you. With Coconut Skittelz you can achieve a delicate and soft euphoric effect, great for stimulating excitement and creativity.

From the point of view of the medical effects that this product is able to offer, we remind you that it is particularly suitable for relieving cases of depression and stress, but it can also be useful to counteract physical fatigue. If you have attention deficit disorder, this selection is particularly suitable.

Legal Coconut Zkittelz weed strain: victories, awards and prizes

The Zkittlez strain won 1st place in the Emerald Cup and has finished in several Cannabis Cups in both San Francisco and Michigan. It is, therefore, a really interesting product also because it is backed by awards, victories and prizes that make the difference: if you choose this variety, you know very well what you are getting into and you will certainly not be disappointed.

THC and CBD quantity

The amount of THC contained in this strain is average: this means that the product can be used, with a lot of peace of mind, even by those who are not particularly experienced, or are not yet familiar with legal cannabis varieties. In any case, the amount of THC and CBD present offers, on the one hand, a feeling of euphoria, and on the other hand relaxing and pleasant effects on the body, without however generating a sense of tiredness or drowsiness.

Specifically, the quantities are:

• THC: 25 – 27%;

• CBD: 0%.


As specified, the genetics are balanced, and this allows for pleasant and relaxing effects in a perfectly balanced way. The typology is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.


This variety has thick buds that explode in a spectrum of light green shades: the smell is very characteristic, and is reminiscent of a sweet and tropical mix, typical of fruity aromas.

The flowers of this variety are thick and thick, and are green and purple in color, with orange pistils.

The Coconut Skittelz variety can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with an average yield in both cases. It is worth mentioning that the flowering time is around 8 weeks, and that the harvest time in the Outdoor type is October.


It is a feminized seed.