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Taste Blueberry, pine
Smell Very spicy aroma
Effects focused - relaxed - sleepy
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Charlotte’s Angel

Taste Blueberry, pine
Smell Very spicy aroma
Effects focused - relaxed - sleepy

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Charlotte’s Angel is a dominant CBD variety averaging around 14% to 16% CBD with a very low THC content, always below 1%. She has a very spicy aroma with strong diesel undertones and a mix of citrus and pine. Some phenotypes show a more earthy character with notes of blueberry and spice. This strain has been developed for the highest possible CBD content while keeping the THC level as low as possible. After many years of testing and development, it has finally been possible to stabilize the chemical profile of this strain.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel is loved by medical users alike looking for a high-CBD strain with a relaxing, calming high. It’s the ideal strain if you want something tasty, but don’t want to get stoned. Charlotte’s Angel has a special and unique effect. It is a non-psychoactive variety with medical effects but without the high. She does give a ‘physical high’ which is mainly expressed in a calming and anti-stress effect. Consumers have the same pleasant experience, taste and aroma that they get from THC-rich varieties. You don’t feel high, but you still experience a pleasant feeling. This high can also involve mental aspects, but not in the way you might be used to from a THC-rich strain. This can of course be made up for with the terpenes that are in this strain. Others indicate that the high has a very relaxing effect on your body, can reduce pain and ensure a better night’s sleep.

Charlotte’s Angel won her first prize right after her introduction in 2018 at the Highlife Cannabis Cup in the Netherlands, winning 1st prize in the CBD category. A year later she managed to get another 2 cups. She took 3rd prize at the Expogrow in Irun in 2019 and the same year she also came 2nd at the CBD Rich Cup in Spain. In total that’s 3 prizes from 3 different cups for this beautiful CBD rich strain!


THC : 0,50 %

CBD : 14 – 16 %



Charlotte’s Angel is a CBD dominant strain averaging around 14% – 16% CBD with a very low THC content, always below 1%. Its characteristic aroma is reminiscent, on the one hand, of spices, on the other hand, a mixture of citrus, pine, blueberry, and diesel.

Let’s see what the effects of this product are, and why it is so loved by users of medical and therapeutic marijuana.

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Since the validity of legal cannabis for medical and therapeutic use was recognized, there are several studies that promote the use of products that can help to combat both physical, mental and psychological problems. In particular, CBD Charlotte’s Angel is appreciated by all those who are looking for something stimulating, but at the same time relaxing and calming: if you want to be lucid and relaxed at the same time, this non-psychoactive strain is a great stress reliever.

In fact, it can be used both to relax (and to sleep better) and to counteract chronic pain and receive excellent and immediate relief for physical ailments such as migraines, nausea, muscle aches, and much more.

Legal Charlotte’s Angel weed strain: victories, awards and prizes

This variety of marijuana for legal use is excellent, and this can be seen not only in the effects it can guarantee to the user, but also thanks to the various awards and prizes it has won over the years. Charlotte’s Angel won her first prize in the CBD category shortly after being released to the public in 2018 at the Highlife Cannabis Cup in the Netherlands. In 2019 he won two more awards, taking 3rd prize at the Irun Expogrow in 2019 and 2nd at the CBD Rich Cup in Spain.

THC and CBD quantity

The THC level is very low, but the CBD level for this all-sativa strain is high. The concentrations are as follows:

  • THC: 0.50%;
  • CBD: 14 ​​- 16%.


The genetic profile of this product is entirely Sativa. This highlights the typical characteristics of the plant, but also its effects. From the point of view of flowering, and how the buds appear, the Sativa genetic profile is evident, for example, in the maximum heights that can be reached, especially in the Outdoor growing mode; moreover, the leaves are very elongated but more airy and less dense, and the plant looks almost like an elongated bush. The flowering phase is also quite long, reaching up to 90 days, unlike plants with an Indica genetic profile, which are shorter.

The effects of the Sativa strains are more cerebral: you feel euphoric, full of energy, completely alert and focused, ready for action.


This plant has a very evident characteristic: it is very strong and resistant, it grows vigorously during its vegetative phase and reaches excellent heights in the flowering phase. Its structure is typical of Sativa varieties: in fact, it looks like a Christmas tree, with elongated leaves and strong lateral branches, which push for a fairly fast growth.

If the supply of light is optimal, the plant can grow in a period ranging from 9 to 12 weeks, and if the SCROG technique is used, it is certainly high yielding and excels, both in height and yield. In general, yields of about 400-450 grams per square meter can be obtained with this strain, which however are destined to be higher if the above-mentioned technique is used. Although the cultivation can be both open-air and indoor, it adapts quite well to the latter mode, but it is important that the climatic characteristics are positive and suitable for its needs: in fact, it prefers warmer and sunny climates, precisely because of its relatively long flowering time.


Charlotte’s Angel is a feminized seed of excellent quality, particularly resistant and therefore also suitable for less experienced crops.