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Taste Chocolate
Smell Sweet vanilla
Effects relaxed
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Blue truffle

Taste Chocolate
Smell Sweet vanilla
Effects relaxed
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Blue Truffle is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the iconic White Truffle X Blueberry strains.

Blue Truffle has a sweet and fruity blueberry berry flavor with hints of sweet vanilla and nutty chocolate. The aroma is just as amazing, with a fruity berry overtone accented by sugary vanilla, nutty chocolate and spicy pungency.

Blue Truffle bud has long conical forest green nugs with deep blue undertones, thin orange hairs and frosty, blue-tinted white crystal trichomes.

THC : 28 %

CBD : 1 %

TYPE : 70 % Indica – 30 % Sativa




Blue Truffle is a hybrid strain that is known for its fruity aroma and uplifting effects. It has a sweet blueberry and vanilla flavor with a hint of Diesel.


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Blue Truffle weed strain: wins, awards and prizes

Blue Truffle hasn’t won any awards yet, it is a popular strain among consumers for its enjoyable flavors and effects.

THC and CBD quantity

The amount are:

  • CBD: 1%
  • THC: 28%


Blue Truffle is the cross between the two strains, Blueberry and White Truffle. It’s a hybrid strain that is even in its Sativa and Indica properties, with a slight Indica dominance. The percentage of Indica is 70%, and quantity of Sativa is 30%.


Blue Truffle is an easy strain to grow, it can be grown both indoors or outdoors. It thrives in a warm and humid climate. It has a flowering time of around 8 to 9 weeks and can yield around 400 to 500g per square meter. Blue Truffle seeds are available online and should be grown in regular or feminized form. Blue Truffle is a sensitive strain, so it needs a stable environment and consistent feeding. Pruning can help to increase the light exposure to the lower branches and improve the yield. Growers can use sea of green (SOG) or screen of green (SCROG) methods to optimize the canopy and increase yield. It’s important to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels and monitor for pests and diseases. Harvesting should be done in stages to avoid over-ripening which could lead to a loss in potency.


High-quality Blue Truffle seeds are a crucial starting point for any successful cultivation endeavor. To ensure the best results, it’s advisable to source your seeds from reputable breeders or suppliers who prioritize genetic purity and quality.


  • Indica: 70%
  • Sativa: 30%

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