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Taste Vanilla
Smell Sugary-blueberry
Effects creative - euphoric - relaxed
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Blue Runtz

Taste Vanilla
Smell Sugary-blueberry
Effects creative - euphoric - relaxed
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Blue Runtz is a hybrid weed strain to be Indica-leaning (65/35) and showed off its genetic heritage proudly at the High Times Cannabis Cup, where it took Best Indica in 2000 for both its medicinal effects and sumptuous vanilla-blueberry taste. The plant itself has grapey green nugs, streaked with blue tones and red hairs.

Blue Runtz has 18 – 20 % THC. The sugary-blueberry taste of this one is just as memorable and exciting as anyone experienced with Runtz would expect.

The dominant terpene in this strain is limonene. The flavors is blueberry, pear and vanilla.

THC : 18 – 20 %

CBD : 0 %

TYPE : 65 % Indica – 35 % Sativa


Blue Runtz is a hybrid cannabis strain for medical and therapeutic use, with an Indica predominance: it is known both for its shades of color (reminiscent of burgundy green, blue and red), and for its sweet aroma. reminiscent of vanilla and blueberry.

The taste of this product is reminiscent of the sweet blueberry flavor, although the dominant terpene of the variety is limonene, which also gives a sweet and fruity aftertaste of pear and vanilla.

Let’s see what the effects of this product are, what are its interesting characteristics and why it can be preferred to other equally interesting varieties.

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Legal Blue Runtz weed strain: wins, awards and prizes

The indica-leaning strain (65/35) was able to present her genetic heritage at the High Times Cannabis Cup, where she won the Best Indica in 2000 for both her medicinal effects and pleasant vanilla flavor and blueberry.

THC and CBD quantity

The amount of THC and CBD is not particularly high, but the levels are sufficient to ensure a relaxed and vigorous effect at the same time. In particular, the effect is exciting and memorable, and the concentrations are:

  • THC: 18 – 20%;
  • CBD: 0%.


The genetic profile of this variety is double, although the predominance is above all to the advantage of the Indica part (albeit not too high). Specifically, there is an Indica genetic profile for 65%, while the remaining 35% is of the Sativa type: this makes the variety quite balanced, in flavor and aroma but above all in benefits, which are however slightly to the advantage of relaxation. and body numbness. In fact, it is well known that if you are looking for very powerful cerebral effects, you should focus on strains that have a higher percentage of Sativa, as the Indica profile is more aimed at guaranteeing relaxation and sleepiness.


The cultivation of this product can be both Indoor and Outdoor, with precise differences that can be seen both in terms of yield and heights: in fact, it performs better in optimal environmental lighting conditions, and therefore open-air cultivation in sunny and warm climates is especially interesting.


This is an autoflowering seed that can be grown with an interesting yield.

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