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Taste Pine
Smell Fruity
Effects euphoric - hungry - relaxed
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Blackberry Kush

Taste Pine
Smell Fruity
Effects euphoric - hungry - relaxed

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Blackberry Kush is an extraordinary Indica dominant. In addition to her beautiful appearance, she also has a unique aroma and flavor profile.

The terpene profile clearly shows the complexity of this strain. These include terpinolene, pinene, limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene as the most dominant terpenes. There are also plenty of other terpenes e.g. linalool, humulene, and the rarer ocimene, camphene and eucalyptol terpenes. Together, this makes for a great taste explosion that customers best described as fruity, earthy, pine-like with a diesel-like undertone.

Blackberry Kush is one of our bestsellers and a long-time customer favorite.

THC : 18 – 20 %

CBD : 0 %

TYPE : 80 % Indica – 20 % Sativa


The scent is of pine, with a slightly fruity aftertaste, for this product that is definitely worth trying because of its beneficial properties, able to provide excellent relaxation for body and mind: Bklackberry Kush is an extraordinary variety of marijuana for therapeutic use and medical, which presents an appearance, but also a very interesting aroma and terpene profile.

The characteristics immediately jump on the nose concern its terpene profile: it is a very complex strain, which among its dominant terpenes includes terpinolene, pinene, limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene. However, many others coexist alongside them, such as linalool, humulene and the rarer terpenes ocimene, camphene and eucalyptol. This allows you to immediately understand how complex the explosion of flavors and aromas of this product can be, which refers to earthy and fruity aromas, similar to pine with a diesel undertone.

This product has two genetic profiles: on the one hand there is the Indica variety (which we find in the great majority, since its percentage is 80%); on the other hand, albeit in the smallest part, there is a Sativa profile that is responsible for more cerebral and energetic effects. Now let’s see what are the dominant characteristics of this product, what are its medical and therapeutic effects, how to get the best from its cultivation, and what are the diseases to which it responds best.

Order and buy online Blackberry Kush cannabis flower from our shop in Thailand and Phuket at the best price

In our shop for Thailand and Phuket you can find the best varieties of legal marijuana for therapeutic use, at the best price: in fact, we always guarantee an excellent value for money for our products that have been carefully selected thanks to a team of experienced and qualified people in the sector.

The Blackberry Kush treatment is especially suitable for those who need to feel dizzy and sleepy: this powerful Indica variety is one of our bestsellers and is, among other things, a favorite with customers.

Legal Blackberry Kush weed strain: wins, awards and prizes

Although there are no known indications on awards or recognitions, it is a variety very appreciated by the public, especially by those looking for an extremely relaxing and rewarding product from the point of view of well-being and body relaxation.

THC and CBD quantity

The concentrations of THC and CBD are as follows:

  • THC: 18 – 20%;
  • CBD: 0%.


The genetics of this variety are 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.

The presence of these percentages of the two genetic profiles are especially evident in the sensations and effects, which are less cerebral and more bodily: this is due to the fact that for the most part it is an Indica variety, with powerful effects of relaxation, sedation. and a sense of numbness in the body. From a vegetative point of view, the plant is small and stocky, and produces quite thick and compact buds: a characteristic that is typical of Indica-dominant plants.


This plant is very versatile. It adapts very well to both indoor cultivation and open-air environments, even if it guarantees better yields in optimal climatic and light conditions. During the vegetative phase and early flowering it grows very quickly, but due to the Indica dominance, the specimens do not exceed 75-100cm and flower within 10 weeks.


The seed is autoflowering, and of excellent quality: in fact, the plant is very versatile and can be grown in different environments, including that in the greenhouse.

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